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Our Process

A Focus on Improving Outcomes

At SHA Retirement Group, our goal is to improve the outcomes of our clients’ retirement plans by designing a program that better prepares employees for retirement. Our consultative approach is designed to pursue excellence in all facets of retirement plan design assistance and investment monitoring. We implement a high standard of care while offering access to an appropriate mix of investment options, participant financial literacy, and appropriate metrics to measure the success of an organization’s retirement plan. Through our commitment to upholding a high fiduciary standard and acknowledging investment fiduciary status in writing, we seek to provide the client with confidence and minimize risk.

Benchmarking and Monitoring for Success

We seek to bring the best possible solutions to help transfer clients’ retirement plan objectives into a program that can be consistently measured to track ongoing improvement and promote participant success. We also closely manage plan providers to help minimize costs and maximize efficiencies and quality of service. This is accomplished by periodically analyzing and benchmarking provider fees and services and, if necessary, conducting a full-scope provider search. We also perform contract reviews on the client's behalf and negotiate pricing as necessary.

Financial Wellness

We believe it is important to ensure that participants appreciate an organization’s retirement plan and are on track for a successful outcome—income replacement. We strive to help employers improve the retirement readiness of their employees through educating the plan sponsor on a thoughtful plan design and a participant financial literacy strategy:

  • Employee Financial Wellness identified and analyzed
  • A custom program designed specifically for your workforce, based on the results of a Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment
  • Support and tools necessary for planning, both face-to-face and online
Financial Wellness

Investment Menus

Although we firmly believe that participants cannot “invest” their way to retirement, we understand and appreciate the importance of offering a consistently strong and diverse investment menu. We will examine and assess a client's existing investments by subjecting them to a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis that “scores” them versus peer groups and established benchmarks using a myriad of metrics. We will initiate investment rankings and establish and monitor a watch list to focus on changes and updates.

We will also help clients establish criteria designed to help select and monitor the appropriate Stable Value and Target Date Fund(s) for their plan.